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l33t b4n4n4

    hmmmmm interesting

    Free 2 Play Scootz

      Can't wait to play timber in 6.87 :D


        I disagree on the observer ward changes. I feel that with if dewarding becomes more prominent, supports will have to spend more money and it will be even harder for a support to get any items. Even if there is no dewarding in say a pub game, I feel that supports will still have to spend more money with the limited duration. Supports already have a small amount of money almost all of the time, and couple that with buying sentries to deward means very very late items on supports (in my opinion at least). If this is actually supremely incorrect, I have only 300 hours :P

        doctor congo

          The ranged creep experience increase is also a subtle buff to Lich.

          пішов на хуй

            This patch though...


              Half of this patch seems like a joke...


                pitlord lol

                btw no veno buff? dafuq

                Агент Габен

                  where is AU? VOLVO GIVE ME AU


                    seriously ? 7 new items all of a sudden

                    i think i have (am) cancer

                      Damn this patch is so broken! Everything coming in so newly(dont knwo if thats a word)...

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                      Kerokichi Sama

                        The only thing i want from new update is stop matching me with retards plz ==

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                          They needed a silencer buff in this patch...

                          Corvus Corax

                            as a mirana player, i expected the scepter to be like "for 5 seconds hero will attack freely on a target while moving". do i ask for much?


                              Under the Beastmaster section referring to day vision granted by Call of The Wild, there's a small typo. "untis" instead of "Units"


                                Under the Earth Spirit section, "amounts of damage" should be changed to "amount of damage"
                                Under the Legion Commander section, "the Disarm Mechanics" should be "Disarm mechanic"
                                Under the Outworld Devourer section, the "top20" should be changed to "Top 20"
                                Under the Silencer section, "Aghanims Upgarde" should be "Aghanim Upgrade"
                                Under the Tower section, "slowdown" should have a space
                                if I missed any, i'll be back
                                Hire me

                                Scar 火猫

                                  The blink initiation on storm was exactly the build I was thinking of when I first saw the notes.

                                  Crimson Ignis

                                    well shit cant wait to see how this all plays out

                                    looks like im playing axe


                                      How are the changes to Diffusal Blade "A rather strong buff to the mana-burning aspect of the item on regular illusions heroes with the exception of Phantom Lancer"?

                                      It's certainly a nerf to PL (I don't understand while he even needed a nerf) but isn't it also a lesser nerf to other illusion heroes that use Diffusal Blade?


                                        This patch is a nightmare for pub supports... things were already really rough, stats prove people hate playing the role and therefore don't understand it and now it's just got worse...

                                        The warding changes although good for higher levels of play will just mean supports spend more time warding and less time doing anything else which in turn lowers their impact. The amount is scaled to make costs the same but the bigger cost of wards is in placing them, not buying them.

                                        Unlike previous patches which added Glimmer Cape and Aether Lens there's nothing like that at all this time around. All the new items are very carry based, even raindrops which becomes available at three minutes and put massive overload on the courier because almost everyone will want this. 0.85 mana regen for that cost is pretty strong as is especially in the early game, then you have the other benefits too? Then you've got the new health increase? Which makes ganks harder? Which is what some supports are good at? And carries will have priority over the 'servants'. Geez man... I have massive reservations about this item.

                                        Wind Lace is sort of interesting, but supports having to carry wards and possibly dust and/or smoke means their slots are already very stretched. It does build into Eul's if someone else goes Drum but that's not a good fit on every support hero.

                                        Don't get me started on Saber. That thing is going to be silly as hell. A 100% slow for 0.6 seconds on top of the already absurd damage the likes of Sven and Faceless Void do? On a short cooldown? I sure hope supports like death!


                                          heart actually gives 90 hp, due to the change with str

                                          Japanese Alcoholic

                                            Huh can't wait to try out the echo sabre. Also getting fb might become easier with wind lace (ex. jugg). And the Shadow Fiend aghanim upgrade is a lot better than. I agree that it should be bought now because of extra 10 souls (hoping for 12) means even more damage from ult and right click. Also the ult has gotten a bit of a buff which is nice. Might go and play sf more from now >_<

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                                              just played a game as axe game, i felt bad

                                              ♏ikeeCS ツ

                                                Why Gaben forgot the Pit Lord LoL


                                                  Looks like I'm playing faceless void, centaur, winter wyvern and bristleback tonight.

                                                  Nero Scarlet

                                                    I can only imagine Arc Warden players abusing the Tome of Knowledge


                                                      @ brassmoose, centaur warrunner is definitely a good pick as his return and ult gets boosted by a heart and 2 hearts is actually a core if it gets to late game

                                                      Bae  Binnie

                                                        still waiting pit lord


                                                          I dont know why everybody cries about Pitlord? you have 120 heroes right now, i'm sure you didnt master 10% of those heroes. And what is gonna happen when Pitlord comes in play? Its gonna get picked every game for first week or so, then gets forgotten cause nobody knows how to play new hero. So, please, stop being crybaby and concentrate on what you have offered.


                                                            Aww man, naga is still in the bottom :( the illusion dmg is a start but not that viable. Nobody buys aghs to naga so why buff the scepter ability ?

                                                            Im also amazed that slark didnt suffer any nerfs. And omni is still a cancer in my bracket


                                                              @ brassmoose, centaur warrunner is definitely a good pick as his return and ult gets boosted by a heart and 2 hearts is actually a core if it gets to late game

                                                              Phoenix Wright

                                                                biggest update to dota since a looong time, loving every minute of it... kinda funny cuz just yesterday I was telling a friend that I got bored of dota, low and behold 1 day later the announce and release of 6.87.


                                                                  od sux


                                                                    What a self righteous prick


                                                                      Holy shit.. so many changes.. Need to learn how to play dota all over again

                                                                      I'm disoriented.

                                                                        Terrorblade strong in laning phase, and where is Leshrac buff?


                                                                          Can I use smoke of decit versus Enchantress?


                                                                            15 seconds is too short for a banning phase


                                                                              What if i told u, i already mastered 90% of dota2 heros


                                                                                wtf this is imba


                                                                                  rip enc, specter void, divine rapier arc
                                                                                  od, spec, invo, zeus nerfes are good
                                                                                  love the ban phase to not get countered immediately

                                                                                  Lost in the Abyss

                                                                                    Faceless void will benefit from echo sabre sir


                                                                                      I disagree with your opinion that flash farming meta is gone
                                                                                      I think heros like am sven dusa will get much more picked with the buff of the t2s and the nerf of rosh


                                                                                        But Bash items don't work in Void. Why u say Abyssal blade could work for him?


                                                                                          Hurricane pike on enc... LOL


                                                                                            Scepter was never really intended for a carry Morphling, it's meant to be a utility item for support Morphling. If you look at the past patches since 6.83 when the max stun was upgraded from 3 seconds to 4.25 you will see a pattern that they are trying to make Support Morphling more viable.

                                                                                            They have dropped the cooldown from 140 (when scepter was introduced) to 70 seconds. They have buffed the base damage of Adaptive Strike, because with the Strength Support Build it wouldn't do any damage (though the 4.25 second stun makes up for that). And now they have buffed the replicant damage to make up for the creep-like damage support morphling might have.

                                                                                            Morphling is like an Orge Magi but bulkier, further range / longer stun, and more escapes.

                                                                                            Plus with the huge buff to Axe, being able to replicate him from either an enemy to level the playing field in a team fight or as a second spinning Axe is huge. Being able to split push with Replicant Axe is quite strong.

                                                                                            So whenever an Axe is picked for either team, support Morphling would be a great addition.

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                                                                                            so so fresh

                                                                                              Echo sabre

                                                                                              its a trap

                                                                                                od sux

                                                                                                4rtd0t4 - Sup4

                                                                                                  WK with BF... new meta, focus on creeps/ilus and people die behind it... Double crit+bf ???

                                                                                                  4rtd0t4 - Sup4

                                                                                                    @Manowar - I think he meant abyssal as an upgrade to the current Badman Vanguard Build.

                                                                                                    Southern Dandy

                                                                                                      Absolute cancer patch. It's like when WOW turned to shit and every hero has the same hp/mana. Despite being glass cannon and tank.