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Titanius Anglesmith

    First Pepega

    déjà vu



        IO in bubs with lifestealer monkaS


          No thoughts on Luna?

          Dota not fun

            Venge is back baby


              No thoughts on Luna because this is about the supports as the title suggests.


                Ancient Apparition is good against Wisp




                    The answer is always Jakiro. Always.




                        Nice write up.

                        Despite relatively low starting damage, Veng can still trade decently well as long as one puts points into Wave of Terror and her passive. Don't put a point in stun until absolutely necessary.

                        no handshake

                          " Sinister Gaze is also a lot better, than I initially assumed—zero cast-point can come in incredibly handy against heroes like Slardar, Magnus, Axe and Tide." Probably addressing the harsh judgment passed here: ( "Sinister Gaze, Lich’s new ability, is probably one of the worst spells in the game—120 mana for a 1.6 second disable with a 500 cast range and a 30 second cooldown."

                          Thanks for being honest.

                          Този коментар е бил редактиран

                            а что делать если они их не пикают?


                              Well for Lion and Shaman i like to draw up a small pros and cons

                              Lion has a better hex but shaman has a better stun
                              But Lion's stun is aoe while shamans hex has a lower cooldown
                              Shaman's burst is poorer later on with ether compared to finger
                              Lion has mana drain but shaman has objective taking and greater teamfight
                              Lion is better at ganking while shaman is better at laning.

                              Tu tayta

                                "Sinister Gaze, Lich’s new ability, is probably one of the worst spells in the game—120 mana for a 1.6 second disable with a 500 cast range and a 30 second cooldown."

                                It actually is. He wasn't wrong in his judgement of the spell. He was just wrong about judging it in a vacuum and not as an extra tp-disabling spell on a hero who already has insane utility with his other spells.


                                  Oracle best supp ez. Has 8 spells - root/basic dispell/disarm/magic imunity/heal/burst/ult/hard dispell


                                    @Toxicity is everywhere
                                    Lion is better at laning than SS, SS is better at ganking easily


                                      It's a hard time to be support on this patch with Ursa and Lifestealer running at the speed of light
                                      Any thoughts on Oracle ?

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                                      < blank >

                                        How about grimstroke and tusk???


                                          Chen is useless in pubs and is average in a pro scene. What reason to have a hero in Dota that nobody wants to pick? People complain about Chen more than about Techies. Techies at least fun to play. Body blocking with creeps can do a lot of heroes: Enigma, Beast master, Nature Prophet, even Invoker. They are playable and Chen is not, because he spends the whole game stealing his carry farm in woods. Valve please remove this overrated hero from the game. Chen is not a hero for the pro scene. Chen is a complete trash. It is the worst hero in Dota and always been. Chen+Pudge tricks in the first TI is Pudge's hook bug. Pudge is #1 one in picks and Chen is the last. Chen is easier to play than Invoker, Ark Varden and a lot of other heroes. Chen is not for pro players. Chen is not a great hero.


                                            Ancient Apparition is good [x2]


                                              1)saw this article
                                              2)got motivated to play shaman
                                              3)won 3 ranked games in a row
                                              4)got ranked up
                                              TY dotabuff


                                                I gained 400+ mmr just spamming Grimstroke and Shaman.. Lich in solo queue felt weak but in a party mmr it feels very strong. I don't know why grimstroke is picked less in the last Minor whereas he has all the good abilities which can be casted without being in much danger. And he can dominate offlane with the 1st spell.

                                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                  Personally I like Lion more over Shaman. When your team does not lack of pushing power, Lion is always the wae to go. Mana drain instantly remove illusions of TB and PL, even Chaos Knight's ultimate. And yep, a position 4 Lion with 10 stacks of Finger is more satisfying with a Shaman with Aghs.


                                                    I don't know why but somehow I lost a lot of games with CM after 7.21(atleast not satisfied with how I played). I always ran out of mana and I can't go in and out of the fight like i used to.


                                                      Maybe ogre magi?


                                                        I really don't like this guide basically saying "fuck you dont play Chen or KOTL because you need good coordination"...

                                                        SoloGiallo#<3 бабушка

                                                          Treant still the best 4 for pubs , enemy will waste a lot of sentry and dust trying to catch u ... Failing cause running in trees is OP , u can literally defend every tower in 1vs 4 in the mid game with a meme hammer , wastinh tons of time to enemies , people often pick slardar or bounty but not a problem since treant is immortal u can go around with a gem farming creeps and wards , and when u get the aghanim the game is over , if yuor team is good u can stay in the teamfight whyle pushing another lane , and his 3 really help when yuor core is a kamikaze :D


                                                            best support is CM, IO and Nyx.



                                                              Месяц май

                                                                Саппорты очень важны. Они очень сильно помогают команде по ходу всей игры.

                                                                I am bad in this game

                                                                  Саппортов, которыЪ, ошибка ребят :)


                                                                    Бесполезный пост , котёл с маленьким шансом что то тут не так , на самом дне сейчас висп извините уже но он уже не сильный а убитый сапорт который не хилит по началу а к лэйту его хил пробивают